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Colorado Airsoft Forum

After over ten years in operation the old forum software has been replaced with this newer WordPress based software. Due to the high number of spam accounts and spam postings we had to start from the ground up with a new forum and new user accounts. To get started simply create an account and start posting! We have also integrated social sharing into the platform itself to make it easier to share with your friends.

We Need Your Help

One of the things that makes Colorado’s airsoft community awesome is the fact that it’s diverse. We have players who have been in the sport for 16+ years and brand new players that can join together and unify on the field. Whether you like Milsim, Pick Up Games, or just shooting at things in your backyard, Airsoft Colorado is the place for you. We need your help to grow this community and increase it’s presence. The more you participate, the more you will get back.

There Are Many Games Every Weekend

In Colorado and the Denver Metro area we probably have 25+ airsoft games going on during any given Saturday. While several of these are at sanctioned fields, there are also a lot of games going on outside or in large backyards. Since everyone has a different flavor of game they like, this forum is also meant to bridge the gap between these smaller games and the bigger games.